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  • Gulf — can refer to: *A gulf, usually referring to a large bay that is an arm of an ocean or sea. For example, the Gulf of Mexico is the ninth largest body of water in the world. * Gulf is also a novella by Robert A. Heinlein. * A company, see Gulf Oil… …   Wikipedia

  • Gulf — (g[u^]lf), n. [F. golfe, It. golfo, fr. Gr. ko lpos bosom, bay, gulf, LGr. ko lfos.] 1. A hollow place in the earth; an abyss; a deep chasm or basin, [1913 Webster] He then surveyed Hell and the gulf between. Milton. [1913 Webster] Between us and …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • gulf — [ gʌlf ] noun count 1. ) a large area of ocean that is almost surrounded by land: the Persian Gulf the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand 2. ) a large and important difference between people or groups: CHASM: trying to close the widening gulf… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • gulf — W3 [gʌlf] n [Date: 1300 1400; : French; Origin: golfe, from Greek kolpos arms folded around, bay ] 1.) a large area of sea partly enclosed by land ▪ the Gulf of Mexico 2.) the Gulf the Arabian Gulf, or the countries next to it ▪ …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • gulf — gulf, chasm, abysm, abyss basically denote a hollow place of vast width and depth in the earth. Gulf and chasm suggest a depth which, though vast, is still measurable; abysm and abyss suggest immeasurable depth. Gulf is the most general term and… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • gulf — (n.) late 14c., profound depth; geographic sense is c.1400; from O.Fr. golf a gulf, whirlpool, from It. golfo a gulf, a bay, from L.L. colfos, from Gk. kolpos bay, gulf, earlier trough between waves, fold of a garment, originally bosom, the… …   Etymology dictionary

  • gulf — [gʌlf] noun [countable] 1. a great difference or lack of understanding between two groups of people: gulf between • The South African Government must intervene to reduce the gulf between white wealth and black poverty. 2. a big difference between …   Financial and business terms

  • gulf — [gulf] n. [ME goulf < OFr golfe < It golfo < LGr kolphos, for Gr kolpos, a fold, bosom, gulf, prob. < IE * kwolpos < base * kwel , to turn > Ger wölben, to arch] 1. a large body of sea or ocean water, typically larger than a bay …   English World dictionary

  • gulf — gulf, bay In their meanings to do with the sealine, bay is the ordinary word, whereas gulf is chiefly reserved as a name for a large or notable stretch of sea (as in the Persian Gulf which is also known as the Gulf) and implies a deeper recess… …   Modern English usage

  • gulf — [n1] sea inlet basin, bay, bayou, bight, cove, firth, harbor, slough, sound, whirlpool; concepts 509,514 gulf [n2] deep, gaping hole abyss, breach, cave, cavity, chasm, cleft, crevasse, depth, depths, distance, expanse, gap, gulch, hiatus, hollow …   New thesaurus

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